Personal development blog for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and anyone caught in the middle of the two most soul satisfying/crushing/crazy/beautiful/what am I doing with my life/ (insert Beyoncé riff)/ I need to be vegan/ but I need to increase my self love and sales and be a multi ethnic 90’s baby/ millennial minded human. 

August 22, 2017

I literally thought… this is what I need... this is my destiny... this is my time to shine –and tan!!! 6 months in the SUN! So when I got it and asked my agent when I would be flying out to Barcelona and she said “ohh... you mean Monaco... erm.. oh Yes.. thats for a we...

August 3, 2017

Day 2 of “I’m going to practice guitar, make a YouTube Video, and read about LOA in-between my scenes”- has not being successful. Sounds Fun? In some ways.  Looking busy and feeling busy is fun. But in the same breath the habit being created is harmful.

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ARE YOU BS BUSY? Why you are not getting anything done and 6 Steps to get you Moving! PS: Your Netflix Subscription might have something to do with it...

August 3, 2017

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