Truth gives wings to the brave'

ZAIAH Creative Arts produes alternative entertainment in bodies of Art that edu-tain and uplift and raises awareness on taboo or suppressed issues about the human experiences.





Monday 10 am call

Serena Henry, a competent triple threat  is eager and indignant for her big break but is fighting up stream against the current of type casting and belittlement she feels she is expected to accept. Divided into her three disciplines and portrayed as 3  distinct yet unanimous personalities in the process of auditioning for the biggest role of her life all the while trying to escape an exposing conversation with her boyfriend about her mental health; the action is interweaved between her stressed romantic relationship , the audition room, her insecurities, subconscious desires and the embodiment of what she believes is her highest aspirations as displayed in her Diva vs her Voice of Reason vs her Inner child. 

To be a woman. To want to fly but to be held back by the shade of her own temperament.  


Highlights of 'The Melanin Box Festival' where 'SHADE' was preamired is below. Footage of SHADE at the 2016 Initiative DK.f's Melanin Stages Coming soon!

The Shadow behind the Mask.

This slideshow of poems and images aims to highlight the inner monologues of a women standing in the doorway of love. 



Based on the The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and adapted for stage in the devised  physical theatre musical play 'Journey's Beyond' this fable that was shown at the Edinburugh Fringe Festival, Arcola Tent and Theatro Technis comes back to life as a short film. Zaiah is proud to coproduce this stage to film adaptation currently in pre-production. 




     Singer | Actress | Dancer | Writer | Choreographer

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